Is Not the Villain

We Can Make Harvested Carbon
A Durable, Sustainable Asset.

Don’t burn or bury carbon! It’s much too valuable.

The HydroCarbon Splitter™ harvests durable carbon from hydrocarbon feedstocks.

Hydrocarbon feedstocks include
• renewable biomass from farms, forests, and landfills,
• renewable biowaste from wastewater, and
• fossil fuel.

Each of these feedstocks can be transformed into clean hydrogen (fuel) and clean carbon (commodity).

Stage One carbon products (carbon allotropes) come directly from the HydroCarbon Splitter™.

  • Graphene
  • Carbon fiber
  • Nanotubes

Scanning Electron Micrographs of Carbon Allotropes

Stage Two carbon products are green carbon-based durable goods made from graphene, carbon microfiber, or nanotubes.

  • Semiconductors
  • Green construction materials
  • Geomembranes
  • Carbon-reinforced durable goods for renewable energy generation, transportation systems, and infrastructure

The Hydrogen Association has committed its research support to the McAlister HydroCarbon Splitter™ because we know it offers a powerful emissions-free way to transform carbon from a dangerous waste into a valuable resource.

Hydrogen-based Technology Breakthroughs

HydroCarbon Splitting

This breakthrough technology pre-emptively separates hydrogen from carbon in all types of hydrocarbon feedstocks

  • biomass,
  • biowaste, and
  • fossil fuel.

Harvested Carbon

Carbon that is pre-emptively harvested from biomass, biowaste, and even fossil feedstocks transforms from a dangerous waste to a valuable asset.

Clean Air Injector-Igniter

Combustion engines retrofit with this smart fuel injection system run emissions-free on net-hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen Fuel

This revolutionary
net-hydrogen fuel is liquid

at room temperature and pressure. It is a renewable, sustainable zero-carbon energy carrier.

Algae CO2 Drawdown

Rapid-growth microalgae draws down atmospheric CO2 at the rate of 2.7 tons per acre per day. Using algae as a biomass feedstock co-harvests carbon and hydrogen in a renewable, zero-carbon emissions process.