The Climate Crisis is a Humanitarian Crisis.Global in Impact.a Cause of Suffering.

“Climate change is already one of the top drivers of humanitarian need and human suffering, alongside conflict and disease— both of which, by the way, are exacerbated by climate change.”

Mark Lowcock, United Nations
Under-Secretary-General for
Humanitarian Affairs, 29 April 2021

Total Energy System Innovation

provides electricity and clean water in crisis situations.

TESI is an emergency response delivery system.

  • Power generation / micro-grid distribution
  • Waste removal and conversion
  • Debris / materials recycling
  • Carbon / hydrogen harvesting
  • Food preparation, refrigeration, ice
  • Water purification and dispensing
  • Central water tank; water piping / pumping
  • Water heater for sterilization, bathing, cleaning
  • Bathrooms / Sanitation
  • Showers & Laundry
  • Medical / Surgical
  • Baby care
  • Command Post: security, information
  • Cell phone recharging / signal booster & antennas
  • Radio & Television connection to news
  • Security cameras and lighting system

Hydrogen has a role to play in climate rescue and restoration—providing emergency power and clean water to areas that have been hit with climate disasters.

The Total Energy System Innovation or TESI is a combined heat and power (CHP) system. It provides

  • electricity generation,
  • water purification,
  • medicine and food refrigeration,
  • surgical support autoclaves, and
  • communication systems for first responders.

The system is powered at first by hydrogen supplied with the TESI delivery. The kit includes provisions for converting disaster debris, garbage and sewage into fuel for ongoing TESI operations.

Humanitarian emergency climate response and repower actions are just the beginning.

Multi-unit TESI systems are designed to be left in place as a new water and power hub in disaster-ravaged regions.

In the video, Professor McAlister explains how the TESI works in humanitarian deployments. The demonstration unit provides enough electricity to power 30 homes at the American standard or about 100 homes in developing regions.

Multi-unit TESI Base Camp
is a leave-in-place energy and water system
that can be expanded as the community recovers.

TESI units range in size from backpacks to multi-unit systems that can be delivered by barge, rail or truck.

In the video, Professor McAlister discusses the backpack-size unit. It is easily portable for first responders’ use in emergency situations.

This unit provides enough electricity to power a small home.

Help Us Restore the Health and Prosperity of the Global Commons

“There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity
to secure a livable and sustainable future for all”

~IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023

Time is short.

Your financial support will help us demonstrate the climate-restoring power of hydrogen-based technologies.

Together, we can push back against the looming threat of climate change.

Vision | Mission

Vision: To facilitate the global transition from an environmentally contaminating energy source (fossil fuel) to a sustainable clean energy source (Hydrogen), thus reversing global warming and creating social, environmental, and economic prosperity worldwide.

Mission: To provide the leadership, technology, and training to lead the world’s hydrogen fuel and carbon products revolution. To solve the world’s clean energy and environmental challenges, and to create thousands of green jobs, energy independence, and global sustainability.