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Rachel Carson at work. Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Silent Spring book cover. Image credit: https://www.si.edu/


Image credit: https://tothemoon.ser.asu.edu/gallery/Apollo/8/ Hasselblad%20500EL%2070%20mm#AS08-16-2593


Global warming is not a new concept. This video, Meteora: Unchained Goddess, was produced by Bell Systems as part of a nine-episode science series. It was broadcast on American television in February 1958.

Following the television broadcast, the film was made available free of charge for classroom use. It is estimated that, by the mid-1960s, the films had been watched by 5 million schoolchildren and half a million college students. About 1600 copies of the film were ultimately distributed.

1964. The Hydrogen Association starts at the University of Kansas, founded by Roy and Kathleen McAlister. The first participants are engineering students recruited by Roy and nursing students brought in by Kathleen.

1966. The Hydrogen Association becomes a McAlister Licensee to conduct research & development and demonstration of hydrogen technologies.




Source: UCLA Library Department of Special Collections Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive

Clean Air Technology Development

John Deere engine with SmartPlug™ fuel injector-igniter runs on hydrogen. This particular engine has been running on hydrogen since the 1970s and is still in use today.

1970. Roy McAlister shifted his focus from the academic track to intellectual property development. This would become the foundation for licensing clean energy technologies to a variety of enterprises around the world.

1974-1976. First patents granted in McAlister’s Precision SparkInjector and SmartPlug multifuel fuel injector-igniter intellectual property line. These patents enable most vehicles and electricity generation systems to be converted to operate interchangeably on hydrogen and their original fuel.

Early patents in the Precision SparkInjector and SmartPlug fuel injector-igniter intellectual property line.




Radiant Energy Systems

1981. First patent granted in McAlister’s Radiant Energy Panel heat-exchange systems intellectual property line.

1982. Ramada Energy Systems licenses and installs Radiant Energy Panel system at the Valley Ho Resort, Scottsdale AZ.

1989. Mel Larsen and Roy McAlister begin collaboration on hydrogen-powered Larsen RADAX Engine.

Mel Larsen was a noted aeronautic engineer who sought out McAlister for a hydrogen fuel solution for his new engine. Together Larsen and McAlister perfected this efficient and light weight combustion engine using McAlister’s precision spark injectors (PSI).

The Larsen RADAX hydrogen engine prototype (2004) served as an extensive test bed for the Smart Plug.

Roy McAlister (photo: right) with long time engineering partner Mel Larsen (photo: left) showing the Larsen-RADAX hydrogen engine in 2004, Tempe, AZ.

1989. The Hydrogen Association founds the American Hydrogen Association and subsequent chapters around the US and internationally.


Chapters of The Hydrogen Association



International Developments

The Dodge pickup truck shown in the video was one of several conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles that were converted to hydrogen in this decade. They were featured in clean-air vehicle demonstrations in major cities around the world.

1990s. Roy McAlister takes hydrogen-fueled vehicles to on multiple trips to Asia, Europe, Central and South America to demonstrate the benefits and feasibility of conversion of existing engines to hydrogen use.

1992. Emergent Corporation becomes a McAlister Licensee to conduct research & development in sustainable materials.

1994. First patent granted in McAlister’s Thermochemical Regeneration intellectual property line.

1994. TransEnergy Corporation becomes a McAlister Licensee to conduct research & development in renewable energy and to operate a fabrication machine shop for solar hydrogen technologies.

1995. Roy McAlister demonstrates his work in one-atom sheets of graphite (now known as graphene) at the National Gas Laboratory, Loughborough University (now Energy/Research & Innovation at Loughborough University).

1996. US Patent Office rejects McAlister’s first patent application in single-atom graphite sheet (graphene) as being impossible in Nature.

1999. The Hydrogen Association founds the International Renewable Resources Institute (the precursor of the Institute for Sustainable Prosperity).

1999. The Hydrogen Association’s president Roy McAlister leads a renewable energy delegation to China.

1999. Patent granted for McAlister and Stone’s solar dish genset.

1999. McDonnell Douglas licenses and installs Stone-McAlister Solar Dish Genset for Southern California electricity generation. This solar energy system holds the record for commercial grid delivery of solar kWh.

Roy McAlister and Richard Otto view solar arrays in Glendale, Arizona. The array’s Stirling engine technology is based on McAlister’s original design which uses hydrogen as the working fluid to optimize heat transfer.

Professor McAlister explains the Solar Dish Genset and Stirling engine.


1990s: Arizona Rotary Clubs sponsor hydrogen vehicle conversions.

Rotary Club Sponsorship of The Hydrogen Association's vehicle conversions to hydrogen


Renewable Resources Revolution

2000. First patent granted in McAlister’s Graphene intellectual property line.

2000. World Congress for a Hydrogen Economy produces Fort Collins Declaration on hydrogen clean energy. Co-sponsors: The Hydrogen Association, Hydrogen Now! Canada, the International Association for Hydrogen Energy, and the University of Colorado at Ft. Collins.

2002. TESI climate rescue system first featured in Hydrogen Today.

2005. Publication of The Solar Hydrogen Civilization: The Future of Energy is the Future of Our Global Economy by Roy McAlister.

2006. First patent granted in McAlister’s HydroCarbon Splitter™ intellectual property line.

2009. McAlister Technologies, LLC is founded as the repository and licensor of the McAlister intellectual property portfolio.

2009. Advanced Green Technologies, LLC and Advanced Green Innovations, LLC become McAlister Technology Licensees for research & development in multi-fuel engine systems.



Large Engine Retrofits

McAlister Licensee AGI developed this trade show demonstration rig. A Caterpillar diesel engine is housed in the truck container. The engine is retrofitted with a development- stage SmartPlug™ system. The screen gives real-time data on engine fuel usage, emissions, combustion temperature, and more.

2011. First patent granted in McAlister’s Metrol™ intellectual property line.

2011. First patent granted in McAlister’s Electrolyzer/Fuel Cell intellectual property line.

2011. The Hydrogen Association launches its educational division, the Institute for Sustainable Prosperity.

2011. The Institute for Sustainable Prosperity becomes a McAlister Technology Licensee to develop and conduct technical training and intellectual property knowledge transfers.

2013. Institute for Sustainable Prosperity leaders Chrystal Snyder and Richard Otto join Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, attending training in Chicago, Houston, and Seattle.

2014. First patent granted in McAlister’s SOTEC™ intellectual property line.

2014. The Hydrogen Association leadership attends the first Hawaii Energy Conference to build alliances and analyze needs and opportunities in Hawaii for hydrogen fuel. McAlister receives R&D grant on hydrogen production and electrolyzer technology from Hawaii state program.

2016. “Dr. Hydrogen, I Presume.” Roy McAlister, president of The Hydrogen Association, is interviewed by Brigadier General Stanley J. Osserman, Jr. on Think Tech Hawaii about net-hydrogen fuel Metrol™. General Osserman introduces McAlister as “the guru of gurus in hydrogen.”






Climate Coalition

2021. THA establishes collaboration with Clark Atlanta University and Professor of Supply Chain Management Henry Whitlow.

2022. Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. becomes a McAlister Technology Licensee and the business hub for Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures commercialization network.

2022. McAlister Industries, Inc. becomes McAlister Technology Licensee to function as the OEM for clean air and renewable resources technologies.

2022. Georgia Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures becomes a McAlister Technology Licensee and operator of Georgia HCV factory facilities.

2022. Connecticut Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures becomes a McAlister Technology Licensee and operator of Connecticut HCV factory facilities.

2022. The Hydrogen Association, Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, and Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. foster collaboration on a technology education initiative with Dr. Deanna Burney, Professor of Psychology at Florida A&M University.

2022. The Hydrogen Association, Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, and Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. consult with Rev. Charles Burney on climate justice and identification of resource solutions.

2022. The Hydrogen Association, Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, and Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. collaborate with Rev. Charles Burney on early-stage development of Florida Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures in Tallahassee.

2023. The Hydrogen Association and Institute for Sustainable Prosperity join forces with Georgia Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures, Inc., Clark Atlanta University, DeKalb County, and other partners to found the Southeast Green Energy Innovations Tech Hub Consortium (SGEI).