What We Do

Our Founding Story

The Hydrogen Association was founded in 1964 by Roy E. McAlister and a group of like-minded pioneers who saw the value of hydrogen as a zero-emissions energy carrier and solution for the looming threat of climate change.

We are a nonprofit science and research organization. We research and demonstrate technologies that may be used by governments, nonprofits, and commercial enterprises globally. Our goal is to support economically viable and sustainable solutions to climate change.

Hydrogen Association members work together to identify and overcome technical, economic, and regulatory barriers to the adoption of hydrogen as an energy source.

The association’s key programs include

  • conducting research and development initiatives to advance hydrogen technologies,
  • fostering collaboration in best practices and technical expertise among its members,
  • advocating for supportive policies at the national and international levels,
  • raising awareness of the benefits of hydrogen and showcases new technologies,
  • providing public education and workforce training,
  • advancing the deployment of hydrogen as a key component of a sustainable energy system, and
  • conducting applied research, pilot projects, and third party validation of hydrogen-based technologies.

In addition, The Hydrogen Association has fostered the development of regional associations working on applied hydrogen projects.

Hydrogen Research & Development

The Hydrogen Association conducts applied research and demonstrations of clean air and clean energy technologies.

Education & Training

The Hydrogen Association provides public education through its training division, the Institute for Sustainable Prosperity.

Humanitarian Work

The Hydrogen Association conducts demonstrations of an emergency response system that provides clean energy and water purification.

Commercial Client Interface

The Hydrogen Association provides R&D data and training programs to commercial clients such as Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. (MCV). MCV is a coordinating hub for locally-owned technology licensee enterprises.

As a public benefit corporation, MCV’s role is to support, empower, and monitor independently managed Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures.


There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.

~Rachel Carson

Vision | Mission

Vision: To facilitate the global transition from an environmentally contaminating energy source (fossil fuel) to a sustainable clean energy source (Hydrogen), thus reversing global warming and creating social, environmental, and economic prosperity worldwide.

Mission: To provide the leadership, technology, and training to lead the world’s hydrogen fuel and carbon products revolution. To solve the world’s clean energy and environmental challenges, and to create thousands of green jobs, energy independence, and global sustainability.